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Keyboard Layouts

There are 17 major keyboard variants globally and over a hundred other variants such as Dvorak and Colemak.

We have to make keyboards in large quantities; this is the reason, that as a small company, we currently offer two layouts, English (UK) and English (US). The number of requests we receive for different layouts varies a lot, so to allow us to offer new layouts that you want, we've created a system that gives you total control.

How does it work

1. Have a look through the list below; the layout you're after may already be there. If it's not, let us know, and we'll add it.

2. To request that batch to go into production, you will need to place a $0.00 AUD deposit.

3. From the day the layout is added, it will be available for 60 days. If the required quantity is met, we'll put it into production. 6-8 weeks later, we will notify you that it's ready to ship, along with a $0.00 gift card (double the value of your deposit) that can be used for the layout you chose.

4. If the layout doesn't meet the required quantity after 60 days, the counters will be reset and we will refund your deposit.